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  We’ve changed our name and our logo!
We are now called

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

WRI logo

Our new website address is www.wri.ie

It’s really just a fresh coat of paint;
we've changed our name, not our principles

We chose a name that honors and reflects our commitment to our core values and mission.  
A name that is simpler, stronger and different from any other.

We want to stand apart from other organisations with a more memorable name, a clearer identity and a stronger presence than ever before. 

How does this affect you?
In short – it doesn’t.
You can find us at www.wri.ie and the content of our website remains unchanged. If you forget and try to log in to www.iwrt.ie you’ll be automatically redirected to www.wri.ie  
Emails sent to our old email address will be re-directed to office@wri.ie



WRI | Rehabilitation Resource
Email: office@wri.ie for enquiries/ suggestions

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